Question...who loves preseason?

The days feel like weeks…the weeks, months. When you look on the calendar you have only been with your new teammates for 3 weeks but it seems like you have known them for years. This is a little something us athletes like to call “preseason."

As the first few week’s tick by up in Western New York, I began to think about what a cool time of year this really is. In the moment it just feels like a lot of sore muscles, lungs that don’t breathe well enough, a sprained ankle and some tired toes (and after many years away from these pains, you get to appreciate the aches and pains), but it is so much more than that. 

We all came into this well decorated red and yellow locker room as 20+ separate players…some of which you have played with before in some capacity, some you have only admired their play, to others you don’t know at all. In this clean space you are allowed to create something new out of all the equal parts.

I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I love playing a team sport. I have the upmost belief that every single player on a team is crucial. We each bring a quality that is unique to us that only we can bring to the team. If you are Tiff Weimer, you would say I only bring a lot of questions to the table… which actually is very true and a distinct quality of mine. But the truth is, I love asking questions! I love getting to know new people and finding out what makes them tick, who they are as a person, sister, friend, and player.  This helps me find out what their unique quality is, and how it fits into our puzzle.

It is also such an interesting part of year because we are all fighting for those coveted spots on a small roster. Being in those shoes year after year, I have found personally that I function better when I feel most like myself. I feel most like myself when I feel like I know the players and feel comfortable being myself in front of them.  This is the type of environment I hope to create (and I think why I ask so many questions).

Yes, we are competing and yes, at the end of the day I want to be a starting for the Flash, but that won’t turn me away from being friendly to all and helping others feel comfortable in a tough environment. I believe that this is where people succeed…in a space where you are able to push yourself to the edge of failure (and over the edge) with complete confidence and comfort knowing your teammates are by your side ready to tell you how great that was or help you so you can succeed next time.

So maybe I ask too many questions (right Tiff??), but if it means the person next to me on the field is going to feel that much more comfortable, then it is all worth it.



  1. Jordan
    As a father of a daughter who tore her ACL after committing to play soccer at a D1 collage. I wanted to thank you for your website and its advice on ACL injuries, soccer and life. ACL injuries are an epidemic in young woman, your knowledge and wisdom I have found to be invaluable. My daughter is back playing soccer but the emotional scares are still healing. Good Luck playing in New York this year, we were hoping to see you play when you came to Boston but my daughter will be playing soccer in Seattle at that time. Please continue helping girls with ACL injuries and soccer.


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