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Reflecting on 62: Seeking Growth

I'm now 31.5 (yes I added a 1/2 on there because who says that after age 10? I want to change that. It makes people laugh or look at you funny, either way it's fun. I digress...) and maybe I really am getting old(er) because I seem to find myself cracking the old joke "Time fly's, I can't believe we are already in December" line I distinctly remember my grandparents and parents saying when I was younger. But it's true - and this year seemed to fly by quicker then I could of imagined. 62. 62 games called from March to November. 20 NWSL 18 MLS 4 USL 1 Open Cup 4 SEC/ESPN 5 PAC12 11 WAC 62 times 90 minute games was (let me pull up my calculator...) 5580 minutes of soccer. Plus, I got to tap into every aspect of the sport as a host, analyst, PxP and reporter. That is a lot of opportunities for growth. A lot of failure - falling down and trying again - but a lot of growth.  Something I know all too well. Made me think, how did I end

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